NASA is recruiting astronauts !!! Rocket4Sales too 😉

If you think of the tech market as the Milky Way, you, Sales, are astronauts and Rocket4Sales the rocket that allows you to reach the brightest stars, while avoiding the meteorites that fly at the speed of light in this environment, which goes at the speed of light… 🚀

Rocket4Sales helps you to define a career strategy, understand the eco-system and target your next star!

Like the NASA, get ready for a fighter’s journey if you want to discover the joys of weightlessness …

Here are the steps and tips from your Rocket4Sales agents to get you ready:

  • The detection:


At Rocket4Sales, there’s no need to apply, like at NASA, you’re co-opted or Rocket4Sales calls you… Only few places are available to be seated in  the rocket!!

TIPS: Update your Linkedin profile, use the S.T.A.R. method to introduce yourself and put up your most stylish photo 😉

  • The qualification call:


More than just making contact, it’s about understanding what kind of astronaut you are and what kind of pilot you’d be if you went up in the rocket tomorrow…

TIPS : Gather your mechanical knowledge and your driving trajectories, go to bed early the night before and warm up well before, it will be bumpy !

Only 15% take this step… Seats are rare, no joke!! 😅

  • The face-to-face interview:


Meeting with 2 certified “Rocket’s sales expert” agents. The goal is to understand how you have managed your career as an astronaut so far and which star you are aiming for. Before taking the rocket in hand for a live test…but on a simulator, don’t worry 😉

TIPS : Put on your classiest helmet, eat starchy food the night before and bring your smile in your equipment! You’ll talk about pipe management, reaching goals and complex sales for sure! That won’t stop you from laughing at the best jokes of Clément, the head of the R4S squadron 😉

Only 25% of those lucky enough to discover the engine room of the R4S rocket come out with the “dirty expert” patch to hang on their suit. And will be ready to drive the rocket to the right star!

For the elected 10%, welcome aboard!!! Fasten your seat belt and wear your Ray Ban Aviator, it’s gonna booooosttttt!!!!!  🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀