Mistakes to avoid in order to have an optimal career path

Rocket 4 Sales is celebrating its first year of existence!!! 🍾 We take this opportunity to make a first look back of this year with massive Takeaway…

The first one we would like to share with you concerns the mistakes to avoid in order to have an optimal career path:


  1. Failure to take a look at the current situation


Observation R4S: Many salespeople have not looked back to the past situation or the current position and therefore rush to the first opportunity that comes along.

R4S Tip: Some questions are important to ask yourself such as: “What have I learned from this experience, what expertise have I developed, what did I no longer want to find? What sector, type of sales cycle, Methodology I want to find or apprehend in my next opportunity?


  1. Failure to define one’s long-term career path


Observation R4S: The impact can be significant in the long term as it may lead to a lack of consistency in the sales path. Indeed, the sector expertise, or of a sales typology (transactional, Enterprise…) will be highly valued over time.

R4S Tip: Ask yourself, “What position or situation do I want to be in five years time?” What skills do I need to gain?”

  1. Not evaluating the company you join


Observation R4S: For salespeople, you have to be very careful in the choice of your next move because their bonus can represent up to 50% of their salary. It is essential to ensure the feasibility of the targets (market potential, sales cycle, performance, tools available…).

R4S Tip: Take the time to consult your network, agents from Rocket4Sales, Glassdoor… to make the right decision.

  1. Not having a break between two jobs


Observation R4S: the sales activity is often very intense, especially on a monthly or quarterly basis. Therefore, in order to be in the best physical and intellectual shape, it is important to be able to take some time off before starting a new adventure.

R4S Tip: A minimum of 15 days is recommended in order to have a total disconnection and arrive super fresh!

Hopefully it will help you in your future job. 😉