Salesforce Jobs Data

Salesforce is now the benchmark company for its sales excellence.

Rocket4Sales has analysed all the sales who have worked or are working for Salesforce, The goal of this study is to understand :


  • After how many experiences are you most likely to join to Salesforce?
  • Which companies you need  to work for to join the Salesforce’s team and which ones do you joining afterward?
  • How long do you stay in a given position at Salesforce?


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This graph is based on a total of Salesforce oemployees and former employee with at least 5 experiences.

The likelihood of joining Salesforce is greater when Salesforce is your 4th experience (32%), 5th experience (24%) or 3rd experience (23%) in your career path.

You’ll increase your chances of joining Salesforce if you have other experiences to your credit.

Here are the Top 10 companies you need to work for (before and after) to make sure you join Salesforce :

The companies most likely to make you integrate the best CRM solution are other tech giants such as Microsoft and Oracle. On the opposite, Salesforce is a springboard for integrating SAP, Google and LinkedIn (a Microsoft company).

Two consulting firms (Capgemini, Kerensen Consulting) specializing in project implementation services are also a great opportunity to join Salesforce.

To maximize the chances of integrating a company such as Salesforce, it is ideally :


  • Being part of a company acquired by Salesforce ( Kerensen Consulting and Demandware, Tableau)
  • Having been part of an American software company
  • Coming from a leading consulting and integration firm


The following is a breakdown of the number of years worked by function:

The length of experience varies from 1 to 2.8 years depending on whether the salesperson is a Business Developer or Senior Account Executive.

Seniority is a key factor in influencing the length of experience. There is also every reason to believe that a position with a high bonus package and therefore high salary generates greater motivation and therefore a longer period of experience, like the position of account executive and account manager.

Conclusion :

Statistically, integrating Salesforce is done after having completed between 2 and 4 experiences, including at least one in tech.

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