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Our S.T.A.R. method for a successful interview

For every sales professionals, it is essential to structure their storytelling around their career path in order to be clear, impactful and to enhance their sales expertise. 

Rocket4Sales is going to you tips on how to take it to the next level!

As usual in less than a minute 😉

R4S Definition : 

The STAR method is a methodology commonly used by today’s leaders like Linkedin and Salesforce to guide their job interviews.

By asymmetry it will allow you to organize a pitch by highlighting your expertise and achievements.

It is has to follow these following 4 pillars:


  1. Situation


Resituate the context when you arrive at the company

Specify what the company does and and your position within the department or the company

Ex: I joined as an SMB account executive at Salesforces; the CRM world leader.


  1. Task


Detail what your missions and objectives are

Ex: As an Account Executive at salesforce; my goal was to identify opportunities and decision-makers within targeted companies and manage the full sales cycle.


  1. Action 


  • Detail what you have done or strategy you implemented in order to achieve your goals.


  • Detail what “you” did and not the team or the company achieved; say “I” and not “we”….


  • Feel free to give


  • examples of a deal that is meaningful to you and make sure to explain the full sale cycle.


  • Highlight your strategy; the one that has allowed you and will allow you to outperform in this potential new position.


Ex: I have targeted the C-levels of a major organization ( such as Schneider Electric or Total) by helping them to establish a strategy for the digitization of their companies.


  1. Results


Detail your results and achievements.

Give all the figures that demonstrate your past performance: number of new logos, turnover and margin generated vs. targets, appointment conversion rates, number of deals won…

Ex: Out of a yearly target of 300k€, I have reached 115% of my target  by having acquired 3 new customers with average baskets of 100k€….


Conclusion :


This methodology can be applied to each of your professional experiences.

The message you show to the importance of the position held and the relief you want to give to your career.

Rocket4Sales gives you a new key to boost your career! 🚀🚀