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A team that loves challenges and thrives on them! We are pursuing a vision of transforming the way recruiting is done and putting all our energy into making it happen. Joining us means joining an innovative project; where pleasure at work is just as necessary.

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Clément Martin

Founder / CEO

An accomplished entrepreneur, Clément drives growth and sets the overall direction for all facets of Rocket4sales’ strategies and operations.
Clément is a former Judo practitioner, where he had a rhythmic life until his final year of high school. During this time, he acquired a resistance to effort as well as a significant capacity for work which instills in him passion and perseverance in what he undertakes. He manages his team by being close to them, ensures a follow-up with everyone and inspires motivation and energy in everyone.

His purpose in creating Rocket4Sales?

“To start a company and allow market reps to not make the mistakes I may have made.”

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Foundation of the entreprise

During his career, Clément made 2 mistakes. Join a company led by tech when he is resolutely business. And accept an offer that is too attractive compared to the market. However, in every adversity lies an opportunity. That’s how he adapts the “agent” model for tech sales.

Guide tech salespeople to the company that best suits them by considering their skills, personality and driving force…

All this thanks to an expertise of the Saas sector updated every day.

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Our 2023 objectives


Nouvelles recrues




D’augmentation de CA

New recruits


Increase of CA

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Our Values



Like top athletes, we work hard and challenge ourselves daily, in order to defend our accompaniement model and be the best in our field.

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Be above expectations, take initiative and move quickly. When everyone grows, the whole team progresses!

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We are passionate and proud to be part of a team that innovates, and where everyone makes the difference by having a visible impact in the company.

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