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Why is Rocket4Sales more than
a recruiting firm?

Rocket4Sales has been building a pool of sales experts for the SaaS solutions for more than 2 years. We have met them, evaluated and we trust them. Only the top 8% is being selected for the roles. We invest in the best, that is, the ones you are looking for! We have known them for a long time. If we present them to you, it means it’ll make sense for them, and for you.


We are highly specialized; we exclusively hire sales representatives (Individual Contributors and Management), in the SaaS industry


50% of the advanced profiles received a proposal.
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Our pool of sales experts in the SaaS industry trust us and therefore, are quickly available to discuss it when your project goals align with their career strategy.
We offer a relevant profile really faster.
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Thanks to our assessment methodology, we can detect good sales professionals; regardless of their origin, professional background or educational background
We helped many non-tech salespeople to get into the industry.
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The methodology of experts

Our 6 point evaluation technique

Capacity and appetite for prospecting

Ability to sell value

Prospecting methodology and tools

Spirit of synthesis, business vision and curiosity

Sales cycle management

Sales personality / soft skills

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The ecosystem around which we gravitate

The ecosystem around which we gravitate

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