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Camélia Pissot

Agent of Sales

I am the goalkeeper. I bring all my agility and flexibility of mind to graps your project and your desires. I am here to defend your interests and intercept the companies and positions that best fit your profile. Like a goalkeeper, you can count on me and push yourself forward with comfort

Camélia Pissot - Rocket4Sales

Clément Martin

CEO & Founder

I’m the point guard, number 10. I bring all my energy to build the game using my creativity, my energy and all the experience I have accumulated. I prefer to make passes rather than score goals so I love meeting and talking with you. I am not looking to place you but to know your desires and ambitions.

Charline Zonca

Chief Marketing Officer

Charline Zonca - CMO Rocket4Sales

Maxence Pointud

Account executive

I am in the middle. I bring all my speed and explosiveness to make as many crosses as possible and you pass the right balls. Thanks to me, you will be able to exploit the full breadth of your CV and find the position of your dreams. Like the relay medium, I am here to act as a relay between you and your agent.

Marieta Tonoyan

Agent of Sales - UK

I am in the middle. I bring all my passion and youth to mediate between you and your agent. My role is paramount because it links the defence to the attack, between you and your agent. Like Amandine Henry, I am tireless and I make every effort for others.

Amaury Derivry

Agent of sales

I’m the top forward, number 9. I bring all my liveliness, my technique and my sense of the game to help you find the company that suits your needs. Like a real striker, I adapt my runs and calls according to your positioning on the field and your personality.

Marieta Tonoyan

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