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Why to choose Rocket4Sales rather
than a recruiter?

Rocket4Sales is the story of an observation: the tech ecosystem more than any other is subject to standards and regulations. In terms of language, in terms of interpersonal skills, in terms of sales typology and in terms of career paths. 

Anything is possible. However it is extremely complicated to go from a sales position on a transactional sale in a French company to a sales manager position on “enterprise” sales cycles (long cycle) in an American company.

As you will understand, there are statistics that cannot be disregarded !

The goal of an agent is to inform the salesperson of this ecosystem about the standards, about the value and coherence of a choice of company and a type of business. 

It also means being informed about market trends (news, technologies, companies to follow…).  The goal is to use statistics or to help sales people to integrate as soon as possible and as serenely as possible to the desired position in a company.

Just like a  soccer player’s agent, we’re at the edge of the pitch and behind the scenes, throughout your career, to help you make the right choices, at the right time.


we are highly specialized and exclusively target sales positions in the SaaS industry.


The number of SaaS publisher companies that we have ranked and analyzed.
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Slack, Whatsapp, Linkedin... All supports of communication can be used to join us !
We ensure regular points of contact with you to reflect on your career, share your doubts and your victories.
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we already made the mistakes in our sales path. Our goal is to help you avoid them !


The number of sales we have advised to stay in their current business.
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