Mercato for SaaS tech sales - January 2021

      Rocket4Sales perfectly knows the market for sales in tech and always keeps up with its evolutions. Such as in football, sales market issued from SaaS regularly sees important transfers that, in our perspective, deserve to be put forward. What is our mission ? Keep you updated with the market and allow you a better understanding of it.

The start of the year is often times than not auspicious to movements. 2021 won’t be an exception to this rule as it has shown us very interesting transfers. Here is the first tech mercato of the year 2021 !

All monthly transfers:

  • Sébastien Boitelle from Packet Ai to EasyMovie
  • Benjamin Hugonet from Delair to Ubble
  • Christophe Shaw from Microsoft to Ponicode
  • Nathalie Azoulay from Salesforce to Armis Tech
  • Joseph Simth from Dixa to Spendesk
  • Yanis Daubin from Salesforce to Now 
  • Stéphane Chantalou from BMC Software to BMC Software
  • Laurent Delattre from Pulse Secure to Ivanti

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